All I Want for Christmas is a Geek Gift

Christmas is almost here, and there are several new geeky toys and gadgets that Santa can fit in stockings and under the tree. Because every geek wants to know what the latest toys and gadgets are and if they are really worth stock, US-Reviews examines companies available to find the best places to purchase the below 2019 top Christmas gifts for your beloved geek.

Minifigures: John Wick

Following the 2019 release of the third part of the John Wick trilogy, this year’s stockings will feature a miniature John Wick figurine complete with gun and golden coin. In fact, mini figurines from all of the popular TV shows and movies are sure to make a hit. Among the most popular predicted are Stan Lee, Elvis, Donald Trump, Game of Thrones, Deadpool, and Freddie Mercury.

Pac Man Pillows

Every house and couch need a pillow. But, is every one of those worth an iconic Pac Man pillow? This Christmas, Pac Man pillows and throws featuring the original images are available on Amazon. What is unique about these pillows are that they are reversable and two-sided and have a hidden zipper-pocket.

Speaker: NES Cube

To enjoy music in fashion, 8Bitdo is offering a retro version of the NES but in cube form. As powerful as a Bluetooth player, these cubes have an eight-hour battery life and are Bluetooth capable. The top of the cube has the directional pad while the sides display large, red speakers.

Ice Trays: Star Wars

What better way to honor the Star Wars fandom and latest movie releases than by purchasing silicon ice cube trays. Complete with iconic shapes, Star Wars fans can enjoy R2-D2, Millennium falcon, and many more of their favorite figures. What’s better, since they are silicon, they are stick-proof, and they come with a recipe book of how to make flavored ice cubes for the next Star Wars watch party.


While this generation may ask, “what are those?” when it comes to floppy disks, the memory lives on in floppy disk coaster sets. Made of silicone, coasters come in a variety of colors with the 1.44 MB on the front and “Index” space. Each packet comes with six different colors and makes for a great gift.

R2-D2 Cup Set

For the Star Wars fan and chef, consider the R2-D2 measuring set. R2-D2 can be disassembled to measure ¼ of a cup through 1 cup with the legs being teaspoon and tablespoon measuring sets. The plastic is free of BPA and made of high-quality materials to preserve the look of the figure as it is used in the kitchen. Think Geek is currently the head seller for this item although it can be found on Amazon.

Wood Vinyl PS4 Cover

To add a little more style to gaming, PS4 will be selling a wood-vinyl effect cover that wraps around PS4s and even comes with smaller wraps for controllers. The look is uncanny like real vinyl to allow for gaming in fashion.