How To Choose a Manufacturer For Neutron Detectors?

Trying to detect and measure the level of radiation in some place is impossible if you don’t have the proper equipment. Radiation can’t be seen and yet, it’s so dangerous that the final effects are not just deadly, but the hazardous effects are carried on to the next generations. Learn more about radiation here.

Neutron radiation is one of the types of radiation out there. Unlike others, neutrons are harder to find and measure because the neutrons have no electric charge even though they have the same mass as the protons. That’s why other machines like the Geiger counter can’t discover the presence of the neutrons. For this job, we need a neutron detector.

How does the neutron detector work?

A neutron detector is able to detect the problematic neutron by a special system. How it works is truly something special. Most of them are made with the proportional gas system. What scientist did to uncover them is by emitting special photons which then basically absorb the neutrons. Since the problematic neutron was capture it’s all easier from there. The counter then shows how much of it is inside.

What is it used for?

Radiation is present in so many parts of this planet. The human testing of nuclear bombs and industry releases of toxic radioactive components make the world an unsafe place no matter where you live. You might think that you live in a part of the world where very little can go wrong, but you can never know who and where disposes toxic waste.

Back in the day when the cold war was a serious threat for the US citizens, the market was overflowed with companies offering protective gear and gadgets that can be used in a situation of a nuclear disaster. Today, most of them are gone but you can still find a lot of the equipment that was invented and sold them.

Of course, it is now modernized, made more precise and easier to use. You can order it through the internet and it’s much safer for using today than it was before.

Where can you get this equipment?

There are more companies doing neutron detectors just like other radiation detecting equipment. The ones with more experience and tradition all have their own stores where they sell their own products. Just look near your home and chances are big you’ll find one nearby. Here’s an example of a great neutron detectors manufacturer.

A lot of others that are new and just got into the business choose to sell their stuff over the internet. Of course, 15-20 years ago the internet was not an option and in the 1960s when this was popular no one even dreamed of selling things on a global network and not owning a physical store.

Never settle for low price DIY works

On some online stores, you can find almost anything. Among all this, you can find neutron detectors made by people or companies who declare themselves as professionals. First of all, these companies often are just one-man operators who declare themselves as companies so they can convince you of their professionalism. They are a fraud.

Others really do an amazing DIY work but they simply can’t be trusted like the real companies doing neutron detectors. Nuclear physics is a serious science branch and not everyone can do this. It takes a lot of studying and practice to be able to create a neutron detector. So, don’t fall on the stories about getting it online by a DIY manufacturer.

People often purchase from these websites because of the price which is always much lower than the one of the companies. On top of this, the many reviews saying previous customers are very satisfied convinces buyers really easy that the product is excellent. Don’t fall for this either.  If you want to know more about neutron detectors in general, visit this link:


The final point is that neutron detection is not a game and neutron detectors are not toys. This is not something you’ll get to your cousin for their birthday. It’s a serious tool that needs a special and serious approach. That’s why you should always look for professionals who do their job with maximum care and have an outstanding track record behind them.